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sobota, 7 lipca 2012


z cyklu „jednym słowem obrazkiem”:
from "in a single word picture" series:

"Little Radoslaw"

Call me Radek!!
I am Radek, not some Radoslaw!
Can't you tell that I am 5-years old trapped in an old man's body?
So call me Radek, goddammit!!

In Polish language name "Radek" is an affectionate, diminutive form of the masculine given name Radosław, similarily as i.e. "Johnnie" is for baby John in English and no sane adult would call himself "Little Johnnie".
However, "Radek" is way more personal in Polish than "Johnnie" is in English, and normally only little children are called this name only by their closest family and very close friends.

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sobota, 30 czerwca 2012


z cyklu „jednym słowem obrazkiem”:
from "in a single word picture" series:


English translation:


The word "gender" literally means "gender" (sex) in English, but some foreign idiots don't use this word in their own language because they don't even know what it means.

Among all the living creatures in the world (including humans) there are only 2 (two) sexes: male gender and female gender.
Just because some human males and females (human - because it never happens in other species) have got a loose screw in their brains and they think that they are of different sex than what is there between their legs - is nothig new. Crazies like this were always out there in the past, and there will be in the future.
But what is new nowadays is creation of "science" behind their fantasies (as usual - at the expense of the society) instead of treating them in psychiatric wards, and creation of offices and other posh positions for hordes of new governmental parasites spreading such pseudoscience,,, (again - at the expense of the society)
They try to dumb-down YOU just to steal your tax money (in the forms of grants and offices).
Don't let them: kick out those cunning gendero-moronism fraudsters!

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ca. 2012 (?czerwiec 2012?)