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DeS (Digitale Scriptor)

piątek, 1 sierpnia 2014


z cyklu „jednym słowem obrazkiem”:
from "in a single word picture" series:

„Nigdy nie zapomnimy”
"We Will Never Forget"

Baner z 2014 r. na rocznicę Powstania Warszawskiego (Ilustrowany Tygodnik Polski).

ENG: Banner for "Illustrated Weekly" for the 70th Anniversary of Warsaw Uprising.
Image: aerial view of what's left of Warsaw after 2 months of neverending bombing and shelling by Germans.
This undated image must have been taken in very early October of 1944 (possibly just after the end of Warsaw Uprising) but before German Sprennkommando have started additionally obliterate the city rubbles. From middle of October to the end of December of 1944 they systemically went through all the rubbles, street by street, and burnt them with flamethrowers just to make sure no one has survived and nothing is left. Most of the remaining structure leftovers, like those seen in the image, have been wired and blown-up. According to post-war calculations, most of the Warsaw districts lost between 90% to 95% of their pre-war infrastructure (that means everything - from buildings through streets, down to the sewers - literally 95% of everything was destroyed).
It was carried out on Adolf Hitler's direct order, as he wanted to make total obliteration of Warsaw an exemplary punishment for all the other cities and countries still occupied by Germans to show that the Germans - even though they were already losing the war - will spare no efforts in squashing any rebellion against their rule.

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