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wtorek, 8 marca 2016

Mielonka ze świń dobrze wypasionych

z cyklu „1ednym słowem obrazkiem”:
from "in a sing1e word picture" series:

„Mielonka ze świń dobrze wypasionych”
"Condensed grind of fattest pigs"
("na:temat" is a Polish-language portal run by people from or involved with Platforma Obywatelska, the party that was involved in hundreds of scandals and bribery and lost the last elections; these people are openly spitting on the democratically elected government of Poland and calling it "undemocratic" because they were kicked out from leeching the through called Poland in last year's both presidential and parliament elections by Poles, who call them "well-fattened pigs" due to their previous 8 years of thieving while they were ruling - hence the can of grinded pork in this picture)

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