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sobota, 13 sierpnia 2016


z cyklu „jednym słowem obrazkiem”:
from "in a single word picture" series:


The boat in colours of Poland (white and red) is flying flag of PiS (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość - currently ruling party). The anchors not allowing the boat to move on have logos of formerly ruling parties, which are now the opposition in Polish parliament (since there were many more parties than depicted,  some anchors were intentionally left without party logo).

Note to non-Polish viewers: some logos are of the parties that were dissolved. It is intentional, since in reality only the party names have changed, while the people running them still the same, and some of their politicians go back as far as to the Polish communist party (PZPR) in the former People's Republic of Poland...
One of the largest anchors bears the logo of WSI (Wojskowe Służby Informacyjne = Military Intelligence Services, officially dissolved and in theory no longer existing organisation), which is not any party in itself, but it was the snake's pit of the former communist secret service and intelligence officers, agents, and alike - many of them were former Soviet Union agents and current Russia's spies - whom were the "founding fathers" of almost all political parties that were in power in so-called "democratic" Poland since 1989 until 2015 (with the sole exception of PiS party).
Entire current Polish opposition consists of the parties founded and/or infiltrated by the "non-existing" WSI, that's why there is such strong and unilateral hatrence in Polish, German and Russian media against Kaczyński and PiS - because this is the only party not under Russian nor German control.
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