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wtorek, 10 stycznia 2017

Demokracji! (dla komuchów)

z cyklu „jednym słowem obrazkiem”:
from "in a single word picture" series:

„Demokracji! (dla komuchów)”
"We want democracy! (for post-communists)"

The person in this image is one of the most disgusting public figures in Poland (some Mateusz Kijowski), who is a leader of self-proclaimed "democracy defenders" (while openly fraternizing with and supporting the officers of former communist oppression services!). He was constantly stating, that he created his "democracy defenders" movement by himself on spur of the moment (and without help from former communist officers, as most true pro-democracy medias have suspected) and he does so for free, without any salary or wages. When documents showing that he (as a leader of the movement) had been paying himself rather large amount of monies for "services" rendered - through a company officially belonging to his wife - he first denied it, then he tried to downplay the facts. It was documented that only in the last half  year he paid himself at least PLN 90,000 (about $30,000) - and this is only the amount that came out into public knowledge from a disgruntled member of the movement (obviously the actual amount must have been much higher).
Just to clarify: he is a leader of the "defenders of democracy" movement, which is against the very first communist-free Parliament and Government elected in Poland, am not joking! It would be funny if it were crappy Hollywood comedy, but unfortunately these are the facts always overlooked by Western media...
Despite the nice earnings from this self-proclaimed "democracy defenders" movement, he is is still in default on paying child support to his first wife, while courts, bailiffs, debt collectors - they all are powerless, because officially he doesn't own anything (everything is property of his second wife).
And such scumbag had been calling for democracy in Poland for past entire year!

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