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niedziela, 1 stycznia 2017

Już mi nie podskoczą... Szczęśliwego 2017!

z cyklu „jednym słowem obrazkiem”:
from "in a single word picture" series:

„Już mi nie podskoczą”
"They can kiss my ... now!"

Non-literal caption translation (to keep the meaning):
The communist-CODEd pseudo-MODERN antiPOlish parties can kiss my ass now. Happy 2017!
PiS leader Kaczyński, pictured as big buffed guy, in reality is barely 5' 5'' (167cm).
KOD, translated as CODE, is an "opposition movement" created and supported by former communist secret service people;
NOWOCZESNA, translated as MODERN, is a joke opposition political party run by a moron who doesn't know anything and constantly ridicule and discredit himself with almost every speech he make;
PO, formerly ruling party is now in opposition and whining about "broken democracy" because they lost elections;
all three - despite their best efforts, support from abroad and enormous propaganda - have lost more than half of their own supporters during the first year of PiS government (but you wouldn't know it from Western news propaganda outlets)

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